Have a claim to submit? Please give us a call at (732) 449-3800 or email us at claims@danskin-agency.com and we will help you get the claim started right away.

If you know your insurance carrier, you can contact their claims department directly via the information below. Please click on your carrier and we will direct you to the appropriate claims page on their website.

866-255-5530 or 
800-274-7865 or 
800-498-0954 or 
860-547-5000 or 
800-225-0770 or 
800-222-3058 or 
800-336-3642 or 
800-225-2467 or 
800-503-3724 or 
800-343-3375 or 
800-274-7865 or 
800-522-7152 or 
800-766-2245 or 
800-274-4499 or 
800-444-0406 or 
800-220-1351 or 
866-482-5246 or 
800-725-9472 or 
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